Iglu Server 0.8.2 released

We are pleased to announce version 0.8.2 of Iglu Server

Iglu server is a http api implementation of an Iglu schema repository. It is extensively used by snowplow pipelines, for storing and versioning the schemas of events and entities. Our docs site has a guide to run and configure the server.

This release has a couple of small enhancements that make it more convenient in some deployment setups:

  • Option to disable checking the connection to Postgres. The default behaviour has not changed: Iglu Server will continue to ping the Postgres database when it first starts up, and the server will fail to launch unless Postgres is reachable. However, we introduced a configuration option to disable this check, so the server starts up more optimistically. For production deployments we recommend leaving the default settings.
  • Fix swagger-ui behind a reverse proxy. Iglu Server has a Swagger UI web page, which it serves at /static/swagger-ui/index.html. This release fixes a bug in which the swagger-ui did not render properly when Iglu Server was behind a reverse proxy.

Upgrade Guide

If you are already using a 0.8.x version of Iglu Server then you can upgrade immediately to the new version without changing any configuration:

docker pull snowplow/iglu-server:0.8.2