How to track position in impressionFieldObject for multiple product tiles

Hello Folks,

I have 1 doubt about position of product in impressionFieldObject on multiple product tiles.

Lets say, I have site, and on home page we have two product tiles :-

  1. Recommended Products
  2. Most Viewed Products

1st tile have 5 products so it will return 5 impresionFieldObjects with position 1 to 5
2nd tile have 8 products so it will return 8 impresionFieldObjects.
So what should be the positions for products on 2nd tile? Should be 6 to 13 OR 1 to 8?

Hi, you could use X,Y - example R1C1, R1C2 for 1st row, R2C1 for 2nd and so on, instead of doing same number enumeration for full page, as it may add extra complexity by coupling the number index between different components. Of course it depends how you implemented exposing impression events.
Also you might want to track position on page of the component itself to have more capability downstream to analyse it later on, as showing products in the center differs than showing on right side even if they are on the same row.

Thank you so much, evaldas.