Help with GCP pipeline upgrade


I was planning to upgrade all the components in my GCP pipeline, below mentioned are the versions each to be upgraded to. I was wondering if they were any suggestions that would help with this upgrade.

  1. Collector (Cloud Run) - Stream Collector v2.3.0 to Stream Collector v2.4.1
  2. Enricher (Dataflow to AppEngine) - Beam Enrich v2.0.1 to Enrich PubSub v2.0.3
  3. BigQuery Loader(Dataflow to AppEngine) - BigQuery Loader v0.6.4 to BigQuery Stream Loader v1.0.1
  4. BQ Mutator (Virtual Machine) - v0.6.4 to v1.0.1
  5. BQ Repeater - (Virtual Machine) - v0.6.4 to v1.0.1

Thank you!