Grant support added to ecommerce, normalize, and media player dbt packages

We have just released Release Snowplow Normalize v0.3.5 · snowplow/dbt-snowplow-normalize · GitHub, Release snowplow-media-player v0.7.2 · snowplow/dbt-snowplow-media-player · GitHub, and Release snowplow-ecommerce v0.8.1 · snowplow/dbt-snowplow-ecommerce · GitHub which adds the new table grants feature too all these packages.

All package now also require a full refresh flag combined with the snowplow__allow_refresh variable to refresh the manifest tables, and there is a fix in media player in the case of using the models_to_delete variable.

For more details please see each individual release. All versions can be used by bumping the version in your packages.yml but please note some now have a higher version of snowplow-utils required than previously.