Google Analyics Geo Location Context not tracked with Page View event

Hello everyone, I quickly need some help. The google analytics geo location context is populated with page ping event but not with page view event. How do I get it with page view event? Can you pleaese help?


Hi @manju,

There is no google analytics geolocation context. If you are talking about Snowplow Javascript tracker automatic geolocation context, did you remembered to enable it in tracker constructor:

contexts: {
        geolocation: true

Remember, tat i case of Safari, you will force user to accept location requests daily…

Hi @grzegorzewald,

Sorry for misrepresenting that. Yes, I meant the javascript automatic context. My quesstion was it is not getting tracked in the struct / page view event. Only select events like page ping, form change events etc…
Wondering why. Can you please help?