Snowplow Android Tracker 0.6.2 released

This release introduces several fixes which should result in more accurate contextual information as well as a fix for the application_error context.

With the move to a singleton we inadvertently began caching the mobile and geo-location contexts far too aggressively. There is really no need to cache these at all so this layer has been removed. This should result in a mobile_context which accurately depicts the network status and a geolocation_context which represents better where the user is.

Please note that the Android Tracker takes the last known location for geo-location - meaning for the moment you will need to initiate updating of this position yourself. This will be addressed in the next release.

For the full release notes:

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Great stuff, thanks!!! Quick question - what does “initiate updating of this position yourself” mean in practice?

Hey @bernardosrulzon you would need something like this:

For 0.7.0 I am planning on adding our own implementation of the LocationManager + LocationListener which will expose an updated Geolocation Context for use by the Tracker as well as access to the latest Location object.

So to get the current setup to update the Geolocation Context you simply need to implement an updater service - the Tracker will then be able to find the last updated location and will then attach it to your event.

Sounds great! Thanks!