Geo location fields missing from enriched events

We see lat and long data, but the geo_city etc are not filled in. We are using the standard scala stream enrichment and dataflow runner.

Realized its a small(ish) percentage of users, most likely related to using the free version of maxmind. What are the miss rates other people are seeing who use mobile?

Does anyone recommend switching to pro?

This is something that I now affectionately refer to as the Dorothy Problem aka “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Historically for an IP address with an unknown location Maxmind has placed the location in Kansas - in a place called Coffeyville which roughly corresponds to the geographic centroid of the United States. In the last few years that’s shifted to Cheney Reservoir*, Kansas which is the location of 37.751, -97.822 you’re seeing in your data there.

The previous and largely accidental Coffeyville placement caused all sorts of issues for residents living close to where Maxmind placed all unknown addresses.

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I was actually just reading that in a thread from a while ago. Thanks!