GCP Iglu server setup guide - Newbie

Hi All,
I am new to the snowplow platform. I am not sure how to install the iglu-server and validate if it is ready for data to validated from the collector.
I have downloaded git clone GitHub - snowplow/iglu-server: A RESTful schema registry
Kindly advice on next steps. Appreciate the support. :slight_smile:
It would be great if there is a proper guide attached on how to install and validate the iglu server. Thanks

Hi @aswinkumarcs we have comprehensive guides on this on our docs site for both AWS & GCP: Quick Start on GCP | Snowplow Documentation

As well as quick-start modules for almost all Snowplow pipeline components to assist in setting up and validating that everything is working!

If you want to just setup the Iglu Server another option is to use something like Kubernetes where we have a Helm Chart that can do the job for you here as well: helm-charts/charts/snowplow-iglu-server at main · snowplow-devops/helm-charts · GitHub

Hope this helps!

Hi Josh,
Thanks for the response.
I am in step 2 of setting up the iglu server. After I ran ‘terraform apply’, i am getting - “module.iglu_db.google_sql_database_instance.instance: Still creating…[12m20s elapsed]”. Does it generally take this long to get the iglu server running ? or am I missing something.

Appreciate the support.

That particular step can take up to 30 minutes … its just how long it takes to setup a Cloud SQL instance unfortunately!

Did it complete in the end?

Hi Josh,
It got completed with an error

Appreciate the support in helping me resolve it.

Hi @aswinkumarcs - it looks like GCP is complaining here as you’ve specified an invalid CIDR (currently - I suspect you’ve put the port you were after on the end of the range rather than the CIDR block. If you just want to add that specific IP address to the firewall the correct CIDR would be

Thanks Guys (@mike and @josh ) was able to get to next step of terraform apply. Appreciate the support .

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