Gathering events from multiple or new windows

Hello! I want to use Snowplow to collect metrics from my service that may open new browser windows.
Trouble is, that some events are sent as soon as web-page opens, so action of me manually opening developer tools happens when the event has already happened.
I believe that after some fiddings with settings I managed to get events from one Chrome window to be sent to another window, where Snowplow was already running, but can not figure out how to do that again.
One thing for sure - I did not log into Snowplow account.
Help on how to arrange getting information from different browser window come to a single open Chrome window with running Snowplow is greatly appreciated!

Just to clarify - are you talking about being able to view events in the Snowplow Inspector extension in devtools or something else?

Assuming Chrome, if you open the DevTools preferences, under Global there is an “Auto-open DevTools for popups” setting that might be helpful for you, too.

Snowplow Inspector will try to examine any network requests available to it from before it opens, but some requests that occur without the Network panel being opened aren’t tracked by the browser so don’t become available to the API it uses, so the above may help capture more; but you will have them still distributed across multiple DevTools sessions.