New version of debug tool

Hi there folks. Jethro has been hard at work on a new version of Snowplow Inspector, our tool for debugging Snowplow pixels in Chrome.

It now colour codes different combinations of App ID and Collector so you can see what’s going where at a glance, and you can filter the beacons too.

Details here.


Amazing, thanks for all the efforts.

This tool is incredibly useful!

This tool is fantastic, guys… better (and faster) than the GA debuggers!

Couple of suggestions to make it even better:

  • Make list of events scroll independently of event details column
  • Event-specific information should float to the top of the details column (Self-desc JSON, Struct fields, page titles etc) ahead of more generic details (user IDs, time, app ID etc)

Thanks for the feedback robkingston!

v0.2.9 should be rolling out today and hopefully address these suggestions – let us know what you think!

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This is awesome @jethron! Sorry for the late reply. Loving the new event names in the left-hand side too - that really helps navigating complex pages with lots of SD events…

Anyway, have Starred the Snowflake debugger repo Github for future.