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Sorry in advance for the very basic question. I’m trying to implement Snowplow for the first time. I’m following simo ahava’s guide as well as the official ‘Setup Snowplow Open Source on GCP’ article.

However it seems that these two guides are outdated. Simo’s guide is referencing the following url which returns me a blank page. The Snowplow article is referencing a github page<VERSION>.jar that also doesn’t seems to work.

From what I have understand it seems that now Snowplow stream collector should be setup with a docker image. Can someone confirm me that my assumption is right?


Bintray has been retired (by JFrog themselves) but you can find most components including the collector as either a fat jar on the releases page or on Docker Hub if you prefer a Docker container.

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Second link does work if you replace the <VERSION> placeholder with preferred version, such as 2.3.0.

Welcome to Snowplow Simon!

You might also be interested in our recently launched quick start on GCP. You can find the guide here: Quick Start Installation Guide on GCP - Snowplow Docs

If you do give it a go, let me know how you find it!


Hi Simon,
To follow up on @emilybe post, here is the recording of the Sept Office Hours on Open Source Quick Start You might find that useful.

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Thanks Mike.