First steps with PHP tracker | Curl problem


i have set up a scala stream collector on AWS and it is up and running.
Now i am building a test script to send an event (unstructured event) using the PHP tracker.
When i do that i get the following error:

Sync POST Request Failed: Requests_Exception: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to {My Application Site} port 443: Connection refused in /{myAppPath}/vendor/rmccue/requests/library/Requests/Transport/cURL.php:422

I dont quite get it. When i track an event i am sending something to the collector.
The error message however tells me it cant connect to the site i am sending the event from?


Hey @johnschmidt,

Would you mind sharing some extra details about the issue? Specifically:

  1. What version of the PHP Tracker you are using?
  2. How is the collector is setup?
  3. Any code samples you can share with us?

Hi Josh,

thanks for the reply.
Sorry, but the problem sat in front of the computer.
The problem is resolved now - i put the URL in the tracker and not the URI …

Thanks anwayy.


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Happens to the best of us! Glad you got it sorted!