First referrer of a domain_userid is from internal domain

I have lots of cases where the first referrer of a domain_userid is from our own website. Is this normal, or what is the problem here?

Just looking at data in screenshot - I would check your server redirects - in some cases when you add some url parameters server can go through a redirect loop without preserving original referrer.

Other thing to consider is if these are just person lingering (i.e. having it open in a tab) on a page on then restarting interactions (coming back to a tab and clicking on some links) at a later time - this should be fairly easy to check by looking at previous visits in a wider time frame.

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Juding from the presence of a utm_expid parameter, I think it might be a client-side redirect from Google Optimize.

It might be running the JS redirect before your Snowplow/GA tracking has time to run. I can also see you have the utm_referrer parameter here. Typically GA/Optimize try to preserve the referrer through UTMs.

You can override the default page referrer tracked in Snowplow through the JS tracker:


Thanks a lot for the suggestion!