Error in stream-enrich-kafka while using custom paths for sscala-stream-collector-kafka

I am trying to define custom path for my collector( to avaoid collector calls getting blocked by adblockers)

Here is my corresponding config for collector

    paths {
        "/com.mindtickle/collect" = "/com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow/tp2"

I am getting 200 for hitting the post request on the above path, but stream-enrich throws the following error

    vendor":"com.mindtickle","version":"collect","messages":[{"field":"vendor/version","value":"com.mindtickle/collect","expectation":"vendor/version combination is not supported"}

collector config.hocon file says the mapping should be a valid vendor/version combination can someone tell what is a valid vendor/version combination


@Pulkit_Jaroli, it sounds like your configuration changes have not been picked up. Have you tried restarting the collector with the updated config?

Yes, I did. And therefore the error that i’ve pasted