Docker with scala stream collector

hey everyone,

i’m interested in creating a scala stream collector that is set to receive HTTP requests at a path like “/snowplow”, but i haven’t found anything in the config.hocon file that indicate this is possible.

any ideas?


Hi @lambtron,

It is not possible on configuration level, although on AWS I would use CloudFront distribution and not default behaviour to achieve what you need.


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Thank you, I appreciate the quick response.

The path part I don’t know. However I do run it under Docker + Kubernetes, and my Dockerfile works like this:

FROM openjdk:8-alpine3.8

RUN mkdir -p /app/etc /app/lib

ADD snowplow-stream-collector-kinesis-0.13.0.jar /app/lib/

COPY config.hocon /app/etc/config.hocon


ENTRYPOINT [ “java”, “-jar”, “/app/lib/snowplow-stream-collector-kinesis-0.13.0.jar”, “–config”, “/app/etc/config.hocon” ]

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The path is pretty intrinsically tied to how the enricher functions at the moment in terms of determining whether the payload was a GET / POST / webhook / Iglu request and how it should process it accordingly.

It might be possible to change this with the corresponding changes in the enricher but there’s nothing in the config that allows you to do this currently.

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