Enrich Kafka released!

We’re excited to announce enrich-kafka, the newest member of 2nd generation enrich apps, following enrich-kinesis and enrich-pubsub!

Unlike enrich-kinesis & enrich-pubsub, enrich-kafka is cloud agnostic which means that it can run on AWS, on GCP, on Azure, on-premise or on localhost. Both enrich-kafka and recently announced enrich-rabbitmq-experimental enable us to run Snowplow pipeline anywhere.

Why ?

We have been working on optimising the Snowplow pipeline and enrich-kafka is our latest step in this direction.

What about Stream Enrich Kafka ?

We are planning to deprecate Stream Enrich Kafka after gaining confidence in enrich-kafka. Our community’s invaluable feedbacks and questions will help us gain that confidence. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Instructions to setup and configure enrich can be found on our docs website.