Different behavior between versions 2.2.0 and 2.9.2

We’ve seen that the number of different cookies stored in the network_userid field has decreased around 70 % after switching to the version 2.9.2. Originally we were using version 2.2.0.

In the previous setup (version 2.2.0), we were using Tealium and two JS trackers with a set of complementary rules, i.e. depending on the url one tracker or the other was used.

Currently (version 2.9.2), we are using Tealium with only one JS tracker. Whilst the number of events has stayed fairly the same, the number of different cookies has substantially decreased.

As a test, we setup the 2 trackers to point to the newer collector version, but we could not reproduce the issue. We are going to deploy the old collector version with both trackers to find out whether there was a collector version problem in 2.2.0.

Any thoughts on this?