Converting scala self describing contexts to java

I’m currently converting our google cloud dataflow to read a globally defined context which as been set on our events. The scala sdk shows this context as being available on the event class in the form of an immutable list (

final List<SelfDescribingData<Json>> contexts

Does anyone have any pointers on how to properly cast / convert this to a Java list?

For reference I’m converting from the enriched pubsub topic to an event like so:

PubsubMessage message = context.element();
Validated<ParsingError, Event> event = Event.parse(new String(message.getPayload(), StandardCharsets.UTF_8));
Either<ParsingError, Event> condition = event.toEither();
if (condition.isLeft()) {
    ParsingError err = condition.left().get();
    LOG.error("Event parsing error: " + err.toString() + " for message: " + new String(message.getPayload(), StandardCharsets.UTF_8));
    throw new RuntimeException(err.toString());
} else {
    Event e = condition.right().get();

I was expecting to be able to iterate the contexts like so:

for (SelfDescribingData<Json> t : e.contexts()) {;

Answering my own question here, you need to use the json converters package:

        List<SelfDescribingData<Json>> list = JavaConverters.seqAsJavaList(e.contexts());
        for(SelfDescribingData<Json> i: list) {
            // extract desired schema
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The JavaConverters library is indeed the correct way to do this :slight_smile:

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