Confusing snowplow stream enrich version

Hi team,

We are currently running snowplow stream enrich v0.20.0 and we are intend to upgrade it to the latest available version on Bintray, which is v1.1.3 as stated in this link:

However, in snowplow/enrich git repo, we cannot find the stream_enrich_1.1.3. The latest available one on snowplow/enrich git repo is v1.1.0. Thus, I cannot compare v1.1.3 with v0.20.0

I noticed that there is an archive repo GitHub - snowplow/stream-enrich: Application reading tracked events from Kafka/Kinesis/NSQ, validating and enriching them and writing them back to Kafka/Kinesis/NSQ which has the version 1.1.3, but the branch has less code change compare to the snowplow/enrich repo.

For example, when I compare v0.20 and v0.22, the archive repo has much less code change, so I assume the snowplow/enrich git repo is not a good place for me to observe the code change between versions.

Could you point me to the place where I can compare version 1.1.3 with 0.20.0?


Latest Stream Enrich is 1.4.2 (which is the version in the git repo). Since 1.3.0 we use same version for all enrich assets for all platforms.

We don’t however publish assets on Bintray yet, all assets are available on DockerHub:

Could you point me to the place where I can compare version 1.1.3 with 0.20.0?

You can find all the changes in CHANGELOG:

@JK_CAI, I think we stopped pushing the binaries to Bintray (not entirely sure). They are available in the dedicated repositories. The latest Stream Enrich release (1.4.2) is here - this is the new home (repository) for the app.

Thanks for the reply @ihor @anton . As we didn’t upgrade our snowplow components in almost three years so we’d like to take it slow, not bump to the latest version in a sudden.

The reason why we go with using binaries in Bintray is because the company policies ask not to use docker images unless they have been certified, for security reasons.

If you can’t use the Docker images on Bintray (and the Bintray components seem out of date) you might be best off building the artefacts for the specific version you need - that way you can easily verify that it’s coming from a known source and build it with your own CI/CD systems.

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