CNAME Blocking under Apple ITP

I am confused on ITP guidelines to expire CNAME or server side cookies in 7 days. Is that in context of third party? I had read Snowplow’s docs and it seems the SP’s tracking collector CNAME which shares the website domain is NOT impacted due to this, as its utilized in the 1st party context and doesn’t expire. Please help in clarifying. Thanks much for the help

@JigneshBh, the ITP guidelines relates to CNAME Cloaking. If you are using a CNAME record for your collector, Safari will detect that your collector domain in fact points to some other domain (by means of CNAME) that is not the same domain as your web application.

In other words, it is not sufficient to have your collector domain on the same domain as your web application. Your collector domain has to be resolved by A record, no mediator domain in between (domain different from your web application domain).

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got it. thank you for the clarification @ihor