Change schema from Event to Entity

I have created a new schema as Event when I meant to create it as an Entity. The documentation says “You can always change this selection at a later date.” but it does not say how, as far as I can see. Does anyone know how to do this?

Hi @phillipbjones,

Looks like this is a question about the data structures UI, which means you must be a Snowplow Insights customer.

If so, could you send us a message at please? We’ll get this sorted for you ASAP via the dedicated support team.

You’re welcome to post here on the Open Source forum too - but only Insights customers have the Data Structures UI, so it’ll be quicker to go through support. :slight_smile:

Ps. The ‘Event’/‘Entity’ classification in the Data Structures UI is currently informational only. The schema itself can be used as an event or an entity regardless, so this doesn’t need to block your testing flow.

(Best practice is not to use the same schema as both an event and an entity though.)