Self-describe Events & Entities

Hi Everyone,

I am getting started with Snowplow and trying to understand different components of it. One thing which I am little confused about is, event and entity schemas.

While I understand the idea of separating them for flexibility, clarity and re-use. I don’t understand why we don’t allow events schema to refer to entity schema directly in itself, rather than allowing it to be linked inside the tracker explicitly.

Sacrificing a little bit of re-usability, can offer stricter consumer-producer sla and quality.

Hi @Jayant_Kumar,

I think the reason is mostly historical. What you are proposing could also work, but it would be quite a big change now. That said, in the future we might add some mechanism to enforce the relationship between events and entities, as it’s a common request.

Thank you @stanch for your input. I think it will help in tracker code generation tool.