Change collector cookie name and map the value to the old name


We want to change the value to the new one. I’m wondering if it’s somehow possible to make Collector respect the old cookie name for some time, so it would get old_cookie_name from the clients, respect the ID which was set by this cookie, and return new_cookie_name with that ID value read from the old cookie.

cheers, Marcin

@marcin-j , you can still get hold of the old cookie if you enable Cookie extractor enrichment. The old cookie (once the enrichment is configured with the old name) will be captured in the context org_ietf_http_cookie_1 and used during your data analyses.

You can go even further and also have Javascript enrichment enabled. With it, having access to the cookie extraction context and the network_userid you can replace the latter with the value from the old cookie on the fly in the enrichment component.

NOTE: This only works when your collector is on the very same domain as the web application. If not, the old cookie value cannot be sent with HTTP request to the collector.