Can ChromeExtension resolve schemas from micro?

Hey there.
Have my local docker compose with micro and would like to have the chrome extension resolves schemas from there.
Can it be done ?
Any Sample configs ?

Hi Tomas,

What sort of Iglu server are you using for Micro? If it’s a remote, hosted, or even schemas on your local filesystem then you should be able to configure this in the extension under Manage Schemas > Registries > Add Registry. This will give you the option of adding one of either a local registry, Data Structures API (Snowplow BDP), Static HTTP (e.g., S3) or an Iglu Server / mini server.

If you are using the embedded Iglu option (local filesystem that is mounted to the Docker container) then you can manage this using the Local Registry option (select Local Registry in Schema Management and then ‘Schemas’. At the moment unfortunately you need to add these schemas manually rather than them being automatically picked up but we’re currently investigating an option to add file system access to the extension which would mean that you could then specify the folder your schemas are in.