Azure SKU deprecation


When running the Azure quickstart-example we get an error regarding hte SKU tier. I can’t find any input parameters in where I can override this though. Any suggestions?

Error Creating Application Gateway: (Name "snowplow-iglu-lb" / Resource Group "snowplow-rg"): network.ApplicationGatewaysClient#CreateOrUpdate: Failure sending request: StatusCode=400 -- Original Error: Code="AppGatewayV1SkuDeprecated" Message="Application Gateway SKU tier Standard has been deprecated. Supported SKU tiers are Standard_v2,WAF_v2. Refer** [**"**]( **Details=[]**

Hey @Laichzeit0,

Thanks for flagging this.

Application Gateway V1 is no longer available for deployment on subscriptions with out V1 gateways from July 1 2023 onwards

It sounds like we did not spot this in our internal tests because our subscription had been created before July 1 and had V1 gateways already :frowning:

This will require an update of the load balancer module, we will look into it in the next few days. (If you are comfortable with Terraform, feel free to send us a PR!)

Hi @Laichzeit0 I have put together a patch for this now that should hopefully get you through this part - can you please update the “source” for the “iglu_lb” module to look like this:

# source  = "snowplow-devops/lb/azurerm"
# version = "0.1.1"

source = "git::"

I have tested this myself and it all appears to work as expected but if you wouldn’t mind verifying as well before I push this out as a release?

Thank you it works perfectly.

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Great @Laichzeit0 - ill get that released today then!