AWS Resource ID change - how does it affect SNowPlow configurations

Recently I received a notification from AWS that they are migrating to longer format resource IDS and that “Systems that parse or store resource IDs may not work with longer IDs”. Its not clear if resources using the older shorted IDs will continue to work s before (ie their IDs will not be changed) and if not, what would this mean for our snowplow configuration steps and files?

Here’s a link to the announcement made in 12/17 and being enforced on 7/30:


After July 30 newly provisioned EC2/EBS/VPC will receive the longer resource ID format. Existing resources that have already been allocated short IDs will continue to have the same IDs.

There’s no part of the Snowplow pipeline preventing it from storing longer resource IDs (though I don’t think it stores any instances IDs anyway).