Amplitude Tag for GTM-SS v0.5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Amplitude Tag for GTM-SS v0.5.0!

This release adds a new configuration section that allows to populate the groups property in Amplitude payload. This feature is only relevant to Amplitude customers who have set up account-level reporting.

Under the hood, this release also fixes a bug which excluded properties with falsy values from populating Amplitude’s event or user properties. Previously values like null, 0, false or empty-string got dropped. Starting with v0.5.0 these will be part of the Amplitude payload and populate their corresponding properties as expected.


New features

Add option to populate Amplitude groups (#28)

Under the hood

Fix value check when populating properties (#29)


The Amplitude HTTP API V2 GTM Server-side Tag is published in the GTM Gallery, and the option to update should become automatically available in your GTM SS instance.