AMP Tracker v1.0.2 Release

We are happy to announce the release of v1.0.2 of the AMP tracker.

This release fixes a bug which prevented the tracker from capturing domain user ID values passed from the Javascript tracker’s cross-domain linker when the AMP page is served from the AMP CDN. Thanks again to @Yazan for highlighting the issue.

It also contains a change which renames the querystring key which contains the AMP client_id passed via the AMP linker, for mapping users from AMP pages to JS-tracked pages - from linker to sp_amp_linker.

For example, where the querystring values previously were ?linker=1*1c1wx43*amp_id*amp-a1b23cDEfGhIjkl4mnoPqr, they will now be ?sp_amp_linker=1*1c1wx43*amp_id*amp-a1b23cDEfGhIjkl4mnoPqr.

Any users grabbing the client_id value from the querystring will need to update their data models to suit

As per the AMP project’s release process, these changes will take effect automatically once promoted to production. They are currently in the pre-release (Beta/experimental) stage - so users can get them now by opting into this channel, if they wish.

We expect it to go live to everyone in the next promotion to production, which is due to happen on Wednesday 3rd March.


Thank you for the updates @colm.
Looks like this is released and marked as stable.
I’m wondering if anyone else has faced the issue of amp to JS tracker not decorating destination domains at all.
I’ve tried a few different amp configurations but still, navigating to a linked domain from a non-domain amp does not decorate the links with the new sp_amp_linker.
Thanks in advance!

Just to add some details, my linkers settings looks like the following.
"linkers": { "enabled": true, "proxyOnly": false, "destinationDomains": [ "domain1", "domain2" ] },


Hi @Yazan,

So far not able to reproduce the problem, and also it’s surprising to hear that behaviour has changed with this release, since it only renames the parameter, it doesn’t change anything that seems to be able to cause a change in behaviour here.

Could you please point me to a page where you observe this behaviour, and the link in question?