AMP tracker setup

We have updated our collector to the latest version 2.4.3 from a version 1.x.
Since the update, our AMP tracker does not work anymore as expected.

The requests look strange to me: (GET) https://<collector.endpoint>/i?p=web&tv=amp-1.0.3&e=pv&…
and the response code is 500.
The JS tracker implementation still works as expected.

Any ideas how to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance!

The AMP tracker sends GET requests rather than POSTs, which is typically the default in most trackers. However, there is no reason v2.4.3 should be any different to a v1 collector (that I can think of) in terms of the payloads it accepts, so everything should still work fine.

Have you confirmed the requests are making it to the collector and are not being rejected at the Load Balancer?

We looked deeper into this issue and found that we had an error in the new config.hocon.
We kept fallbackDomain = "{{fallbackDomain}}" instead of removing this line. After fixing this, the requests from the AMP tracker look fine.

Thanks @PaulBoocock !

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Hi @tziegler
Thanks for the update - really helpful to other users!