Why doesn't No-JS tag capture h_referer?

Hi there,
A quick question, I thought it would be simple for the scala collector to log where the tag was called from. Is there something I am doing wrong?


It should capture the calling page fine. Can you share your No-JS tag and which fields in your enriched event are empty?

Hi @alex

What flows through all elements within the Tag including the elements hardcoded below. What I can’t see is auto capture of the URL/Domain that no-js tag is fired from.

Sample Data

app_id	platform	etl_tstamp	collector_tstamp	dvce_created_tstamp	event	event_id	txn_id	name_tracker	v_tracker	v_collector	v_etl	user_id	user_ipaddress	user_fingerprint	domain_userid	domain_sessionidx	network_userid	geo_country	geo_region	geo_city	geo_zipcode	geo_latitude	geo_longitude	geo_region_name	ip_isp	ip_organization	ip_domain	ip_netspeed	page_url	page_title	page_referrer	page_urlscheme	page_urlhost	page_urlport	page_urlpath	page_urlquery	page_urlfragment	refr_urlscheme	refr_urlhost	refr_urlport	refr_urlpath	refr_urlquery	refr_urlfragment	refr_medium	refr_source	refr_term	mkt_medium	mkt_source	mkt_term	mkt_content	mkt_campaign	se_category	se_action	se_label	se_property	se_value	tr_orderid	tr_affiliation	tr_total	tr_tax	tr_shipping	tr_city	tr_state	tr_country	ti_orderid	ti_sku	ti_name	ti_category	ti_price	ti_quantity	pp_xoffset_min	pp_xoffset_max	pp_yoffset_min	pp_yoffset_max	useragent	br_name	br_family	br_version	br_type	br_renderengine	br_lang	br_features_pdf	br_features_flash	br_features_java	br_features_director	br_features_quicktime	br_features_realplayer	br_features_windowsmedia	br_features_gears	br_features_silverlight	br_cookies	br_colordepth	br_viewwidth	br_viewheight	os_name	os_family	os_manufacturer	os_timezone	dvce_type	dvce_ismobile	dvce_screenwidth	dvce_screenheight	doc_charset	doc_width	doc_height	tr_currency	tr_total_base	tr_tax_base	tr_shipping_base	ti_currency	ti_price_base	base_currency	geo_timezone	mkt_clickid	mkt_network	etl_tags	dvce_sent_tstamp	refr_domain_userid	refr_dvce_tstamp	domain_sessionid	derived_tstamp	event_vendor	event_name	event_format	event_version	event_fingerprint	true_tstamp
launchpad-pixeltest	web	2016-10-14 01:29:38	2016-10-14 01:19:49		page_view	54c11e1a-9349-4976-8721-aaf8970223a6			no-js-0.1.0	ssc-0.7.0-kinesis	hadoop-1.7.0-common-0.23.0				6f99d2af-3fcd-4e52-8649-147c584614d0	AU	02	Sydney	2204	-33.9	151.15	New South Wales					https://testpixel.com	test title		https	testpixel.com	80																																									Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.143 Safari/537.36	Chrome	Chrome	53.0.2785.143	Browser	WEBKIT															Windows 7	Windows	Microsoft Corporation		Computer	false													Australia/Sydney								2016-10-14 01:19:49	com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow	page_view	jsonschema	1-0-0		


<!--SnowPlow start plowing--> <img src="https://launchpad.redplanetgroup.com.au/i?&e=pv&page=test%20title&url=https%3A%2F%2Ftestpixel.com&aid=launchpad-pixeltest&p=web&tv=no-js-0.1.0" /> <!--SnowPlow stop plowing-->`Preformatted text`

Hi Sachin,

Check the headers of the HTTP request for the pixel. You’ll see the
referrer and user agent is sent through the HTTP headers.

Keep in mind, the referrer will only show if you embed the pixel within a
page like so:

[image: Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 12.37.57 pm.png]

Hi Rob,

What I meant is the h_refered doesn’t seem to end up in RedShift. The data in RedShift after running ETL EMR and Storage Loader doesn’t seem to bring in the h_referer. I did embed within a page not the sample record I sent though.

So the hardcoded URL is resolved, but not the actual page calling the pixel. Would you know which field would the h_referer be captured in?


Hi @sachinsingh10 - the page you are calling the pixel from is not showing up in Redshift because you are overwriting it with the hard-coded Page URL, &url=https%3A%2F%2Ftestpixel.com.

Remove this hardcoded Page URL and the enriched event will correctly report the page URI that the pixel was hosted on.

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@alex Duh! I can confirm it work! Thanks so much.