[WARNING] Snowplow Obj-C Tracker >1.0.x build issue

We’re aware of an issue with building versions 1.0.x and higher of the Snowplow Obj-C Tracker. The issue is caused by being pinned to the latest version of ReachabilitySwift, which has a breaking change. We understand that this prevents the building of apps containing the tracker, but will not impact any already published versions.

New assets for 1.0.x and 1.1.x will be released as soon as possible Thursday 17th October. If you do need an interim solution, you should be able to override the pinned version in your podfile.lock (if using cocoapods) or equivalent and still build. This is not best practice, so our advice is to wait for the new releases if you can.

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Update: We’ve hit a build issue of our own, but will be releasing the new assets as early as possible Friday 18th October. Apologies for the delay.

New release available here: Snowplow Obj-C Tracker 1.1.3 released

We’re advising all users on >1.0.x to update to this new release.