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The first step towards solving a problem is admitting one exists. And I have a lot of problems. As marketing professionals, we all do: which projects are highest priority, how many leads did we generate this month, did we publish a blog post yet this week, and so on. The fundamental goal of marketing is to support organizational growth. Whether you’re a retailer looking to boost sales, a B2B SaaS provider trying to increase lead generation, or a charitable organization trying to raise awareness for a social issue, you’re trying to help move the needle in a positive direction around an institutional goal. In the past the success of your efforts was judged against a positive correlation with that business goal: if we produced a radio commercial and saw more sales in the same month, it must have worked. Technology has changed everything.

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Thanks for sharing this @antman! Are there any other resources you can recommend for a marketing analyst looking to skill up on Snowplow but limited technical experience?

Great write-up @antman!

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