User_ipaddress field is 2405

When I am firing events from external network in mobile app,user_ipaddress is coming 2405 whch is not right IP.I am using scala stream collector and stream enricher.Can anyone help me to solve this?

The Scala Stream Collector picks up what the value of the X-Forwarded-For, Remote-Address, or X-Real-IP headers is. So if one was to manually specify one of those headers, it would be picked up.

from internal network I am getting ipaddress
and from external network 2405:204:2126:f4ae:4827:6b3f:68dd:c408 but from snowplow enricher I am only getting 2405,not complete Ip address.

does it support IPv6 for Scala common enrich? If no, Will it support anytime in coming release

Support for IPv6 addresses will be added in release 103, which should drop this week, you can follow our progress in

thanks BEN…and how can I integrate enterprise version of max mind with snowplow?

You need to make them available either through http (or S3 if you’re running on AWS) and add them to your ip_lookups.json enrichment file.

An example enrichment file can be found here, the schema can be found in iglu-central.

If you’re using GeoIP2 databases, you’ll need to wait on release 103.


I am facing a similar issue. There are many events with user_ipaddress as 2, 2001, 2003, 2401, 2402, 2405, 2406, 2407, 2409, 2600, 2601, 2604, 2620, and 2804.

Will this be fixed in the upcoming 103 release?

yes, heads up that it has been released:

hey @BenFradet I upgraded snowplow which has been released in r103,now its working fine.thanks…!!

How can I override user_ipaddress in javascript tracker?

At the moment it’s not possible as the ip address being picked up is the one which made the request when using the javascript tracker.

However it’s possible with other trackers such as the scala tracker.