User agent enrichments and

I have added the ua parser enrichment to my stream enricher, and it is working fine.
However i do wonder about the that it adds:
{"useragentFamily":"Chrome","useragentMajor":"55","useragentMinor":"0","useragentPatch":"2883","useragentVersion":"Chrome 55.0.2883","osFamily":"Mac OS X","osMajor":"10","osMinor":"10","osPatch":"5","osPatchMinor":null,"osVersion":"Mac OS X 10.10.5","deviceFamily":"Other"}
I would have expected desktop here. As far as I understand deviceFamily will be ‘Mobile’ for an iphone and hence I would expect it to be desktop for a mac computer.
What is the reason for this?
Is there any other field that will show tablet, Mobile and desktop?