Updating geolocation iOS SDK 2.0

Hello, I am having some trouble understanding out how to update the geolocation with the new SDK.

We used to be able to access the Subject to set these but with the latest versions Im a little unsure how to do this.

I can use tracker.subject to get a SubjectController but this doesnt contain the same functions.

What is the correct way to update a geolocation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi @kanesbetas,

The geolocation part was temporary excluded in order to introduce some improvements that unfortunately have been delayed.
We are planning to fix the regression in the next version.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll keep you informed here as soon as it’s ready.

Thanks for the response @Alex_Benini,

I will keep any eye here for any updates

Hello @kanesbetas, we just fixed the issue on the version 2.0.2.

Please, let me know if you have any follow ups or questions.

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Thanks for the update @Alex_Benini. Thats great, covers everything we were missing.

Cheers for the fast response!


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