Unrecognized medium:


So I’ve been playing around with the Referer_parser, I decided to take my own copy and add to it for the 500+ domains that send traffic to our domains, we call these ‘meta’ (Affiliates). It appears that this is an unaccepted medium and (for some reason) is referencing the user-agent-utils-enrichment which has as far as I can see has nothing to do with Ref_Medium.

Is this response correct or sending me down a rabbit hole?

Apr 20 13:03:57 ip-172-31-40-83 web: Unrecognized medium: 'meta'
Apr 20 13:03:57 ip-172-31-40-83 systemd: web.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Apr 20 13:03:57 ip- systemd: Unit web.service entered failed state.
Apr 20 13:03:57 ip- systemd: web.service failed.
Apr 20 13:03:57 ip- systemd: web.service holdoff time over, scheduling restart.
Apr 20 13:03:57 ip- systemd: Starting This is web daemon...
Apr 20 13:03:57 ip- systemd: Started This is web daemon.
Apr 20 13:04:01 ip- web: [main] WARN com.snowplowanalytics.snowplow.enrich.common.enrichments.registry.UserAgentUtilsEnrichmentConfig$ - user_agent_utils enrichment is deprecated. Please visit here for more information: https://github.com/snowplow/snowplow/wiki/user-agent-utils-enrichment

What outside the referer enrichment decides the acceptable medium? can I change it?


Does this mean I cannot add in my own additional referer categorisation?


This is just a deprecation warning for that enrichment; it doesn’t appear to be related to the fact that the meta value for the refr_medium property is unrecognised.

My guess is at the moment it’s only possible to specify one of the values detailed in that linked post, I don’t see where it would be possible to set a custom value for that property but I will endeavour to find out for you and update my post with any results (this may take a while).

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@kfitzpatrick, only 5 mediums are supported (it is hardcoded).

I don’t think that user-agent-utils-enrichment is a part of referer parser enrichment. It’s independent and deprecated “User Agent utils” enrichment which presumably still enabled in your pipeline. The logs are coming from both (in your output).

@ihor Thanks for confirming