Underscore causing issue capturing Ad Impression

Hello All,

An ad server I am capturing Ad impressions from does not allow “underscore” within the Key value pairs in the given ad impressions schema.
Link below lists keys like ad_ad this is not an acceptable format due to the underscore.

Any solutions ?

Many thanks.

There’s a deprecation notice just above that table that contains the ad_ad reference. The latest version of the ad_impression schema doesn’t contain any underscores for the fields.

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Duh! Sorry about that. Thanks @mike

@mikehow is the ad_uid being treated? I can’t find it in the new schema?

It doesn’t look like a uid has been incorporated into that schema. Whilst the schemas in Iglu Central are comprehensive they may not generalise well to each use case. In this case I’d recommend using this schema as a basis for your own (i.e., com.acme/ad_impression/jsonschema/1-0-0) and populating that with all the fields and types you require.