Unable to configure the storage loader for postgresql

I have successfully setup the ETL process using EmrEtlRunner and its working fine. Now I am trying to automate this with storage loader setting PostgreSQL as an alternate data storage. I downloaded the EmrEtlRunner from here and I was supposed to have EmrEtlRunner as well as Storage Loader after unzipping it according to snowplow GitHub repository. but I only have EmrEtlRunner.

Kindly guide me how to set up storage loader to loaded the shredded data into the PostgreSQL tables

I understand that it’s a bit confusing, the storage loader and EMR-ETL-Runner are now both handled by the RDB loader, you only need the RDB Loader and it will handle everything both apps did before Here the announcement

RDB Loader Github: https://github.com/snowplow/snowplow-rdb-loader

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Hey tclass, Thanks for your response

I will try it out and will get to you if i face any issues.

Thank you
Arsalan Mehmood