Unable to build kafka stream enrich (sbt, scala versions)

Hello everyone, i am trying to build stream-enrich from the source files but i always get dependencies errors. First of all i cant figure out the version of scala and sbt is required! In the documentations i can see that sbt 0.13.0 is needed but in the project build.properties the sbt.version is 1.3.3. I tried both with differend scala versions but nothing worked. Can someone explain me the right version combinations?

Thank you!

Hi @bambachas79, sbt works as a scripted utility. In general runner script (the one installed on your machine) does not need to be the same as the one pinned in the project’s properties that is the source of truth. For example my sbt version available in $PATH is 1.3.5 whereas it falls back to running sbt shell in version 1.3.3 that is pinned within properties.

The difference between 0.13.x and 1.x lines is quite significant and the runner will not be able to work with 1x. In fact README should not point sbt version to avoid confusion.

Hope this helps!