trackStructEvent is not received by the Snowplow mini collector

We have Snowplow mini instance setup in our dev environment and I am trying to send some custom data through trackStructEvent window.snowplow(‘trackStructEvent’, ‘category’,‘action’,‘label’,‘jobId’,document.getElementById(‘exampleId’).value);

  1. I can see this event Request Payload and the values in ‘Network Tab’ in my Developer Tools but I don’t see the collector receiving the data. FYI the collector was able to receive the PageView event.
  2. Like PageView event I don’t see all of the data being captured in trackStructEvent.

Thanks in advance.

@Mounika_M, you might need to check bad index as the events might have been rejected during the validation step. More on debugging you can read here: Debugging bad rows in Elasticsearch and Kibana [tutorial].

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