The session ID and index change with each page view

We are facing a weird issue. In some cases (around 15%), the session_id, session_idx changes on every pageview while domain_userid stays same.
Open attachment for sample data

Can anyone point out the reason behind it ?


Hello jimy2004king,

What is the useragent for these events? One possible explanation is that they are caused by a bot.


Hey Fred,

Here the useragent was same for all the session and doesn’t seem to be a bot[screenshot attached]. Secondly, right now we have integrated tracking on loggedin pages of the application so that eliminates the case of bot. Also the pages flow seems to be logical considering the flow of application.

Hi jimy2004king,

A few more questions:

  • By “15% of cases”, do you mean that 15% of all users get a new session ID for every page view?
  • What version of the JS Tracker are you using? If it’s not the latest (2.6.1), I suggest upgrading.
  • For how long have you been experiencing this problem? Can you think of anything (such as changing your JS Tracker version) which might have caused it to start?
  • Do the users with the volatile session IDs have anything in common? For example, the same useragent or the same device or the same IP addresses.
  • Does the volatility ever go away for a particular user? In other words, is it the case that users always have volatile session IDs? Or do some users have temporary volatile session IDs which then behave normally on a later visit to the site?


Hi @fred

By 15% of cases we mean 15% of all users have domain_sessionid related problem, but they all are different issues :

  1. For same domain_sessionid the user_id changes during the session.
  2. domain_sessionid changes for every page_view (domain_userid and user_id is same in such cases).
  3. domain_sessionid changes in between page_views and then change back to old value again.
  4. domain_sessionid spans over 2-3 days (sometimes more than 3 days).
  • we are using tracker version js-2.5.3
  • we noticed these issues few months back. We can’t think of any reason for this.
  • we did not find any similarity or common pattern for these issues.
  • These issues are not limited to a particular set of users, so we can not say anything for now.


@rahul - let’s keep the discussion in a single thread: Unexpected behaviour of the domain session ID