Stream Enricher Error: Caught Exception

Before, i used the same data stream name for and enrich.streams.out.enriched, the enricher was running fine. But later when i realised, the name should be of different streams i have changed the name as given below:

But now it is giving me error as below:

I am not sure if this is configuration issue or the permission issue in AWS.
Can anyone pls give me suggestion ?

Hi @lalspicesresearch,

Which streams did you rename? Was it both of them?

You will likely need to reset the KCL table for Stream Enrich. When you launch the application Stream Enrich creates a table to track where it is in processing the “in” stream (the “raw” stream in this case).

If you change this stream then the table has references to shards that do not exist in its context so it cannot process anything - replacing the DynamoDB table and restarting Stream Enrich should get it working again!

What i did was, i deleted all the stream and again created them and enrich.streams.out.enriched. @josh
So now i have to delete the DynamoDb table ?

Yep exactly right - you need to delete the DynamoDB table so it starts using the shards from your new stream and not looking for shards from the now deleted stream.

@josh thank you very much. Now my collector and enricher is running. And i am getting raw event data in zanui-staging-snowplow-collected-good-events-stream but it is not showing anything in zanui-staging-snowplow-collected-good-enriched-stream .

I dont know what should i do to get data in zanui-staging-snowplow-collected-good-enriched-stream so the data delivery fireshoes can write data in S3 Bucket. How can i check there is any error or not ?