Stream Enrich to JSON format output


I’m using the stream-enrich app and getting the output in a TSV format. But I need to get the output data in JSON format.

Please can someone help with the simplest way to implement this, might be through a custom enrichment step.

I have already tried the snowplow-scala-analytics-sdk-0.1.0-released, there seems some issue with the SDK. I need a easier alternative at the enrichment step.


Really the Snowplow Scala Analytics SDK is the way to go - let’s try and fix that for you in the accompanying thread.

Hi @PuneetBabbar,

I am getting similar functionality either with Ruby script working on the top of the enrichment Kinesis stream or with similar super-easy Python script working on standard in in local development. If you look into SDK/any other sources, you would find an array with key list, so there is nothing hard in making a key-value hash…

I have a Scala Flink code doing this. Here is the working example

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