Stream Collector troubleshooting on Linux


I am running snowplow-stream-collector-0.6.0 on EC2 Amazon Linux and it just got stopped after some time when not receiving any message.

Where can check the logs for this?
How can I keep it running in production ? Do I need some kind of process manager to handle this?

I had setup Nginx as the HTTP proxy to receive events from js tracker.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hello Hem,

Was there any error message when the Scala Stream Collector process stopped?


Actually, I left it running overnight. Now i don’t where to check the log if there was an error message.

Hi Hem,

By default, the Scala Stream Collector logs all error messages to stderr.

You could use something like DAEMON Tools to ensure that the process always restarts whenever it unexpectedly stops.

Hope that helps,

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