Standards/suggestions for extracting non-google clickids (Facebook, marketo, etc.)

What is the standard for processing the ‘click_id’ portion of a page url?

I see in on the canonical events page that the click_id is tracked as ‘mkt_clickid’ - does this extend to all kinds of click_id values?

I am sure Google is there, but are click_ids from, say, Facebook and Marketo covered as well? And if so, is there a conditional ‘source’-type column available, so I can see something like the source for each clickid? (These would be in cases where a utm_source parameter may not be included in the URL, so I’m wondering if the click_id source could at least be inferred.)

In my situation I am extracting this information (for testing) from referring links, so I’ve been writing my own SQL for it, but I wanted to make sure I am matching what is done to define the mkt_* columns.

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On the enrichment/ data processing side of Snowplow there are already a few preconfigured options for Click ID sources which you can read about here:

The enrichment automatically knows about Google (corresponding to the “gclid” querystring parameter), Microsoft (“msclkid”), and DoubleClick (“dclid”).

The aforementioned documentation also shows how to add custom Click ID fields to the enrichment process.


Awesome stuff - I see it here! Thanks so much @frankcash

Glad I could help.