Sqs2kinesis 0.1.0 released

First non-rc release of sqs2kinesis.

The application (sqs2kinesis) is used to read messages from the SQS queue and send them to the Kinesis stream using a back-pressured mechanism.

The application.conf file is used to set it up:

sqs2kinesis {
    sqs-queue = {sqs-queue-url}
    kinesis-stream-name = {kinesis-stream-name}

This is a Scala application, so you could either run it via java -jar or using docker.

The docker image is here



I’m trying to deploy this, but i got error in SNTRY_DNS variable.

Exception in thread “main” io.sentry.dsn.InvalidDsnException: Invalid DSN, the following properties aren’t set ‘[host]’.

Which value should i put here?


Hi @Fabio_Santos,

Indeed at the moment we need to specify a Sentry URI to keep track of events that couldn’t be inserted into SQS. As you already found out, we already created an issue to make this optional.

We don’t have an ETA for this yet, but please do not hesitate to open a PR, we welcome all the contributions.