Sp_id cookie domain_sessionid

Based on the documentation for the python tracker it looks like the domain user id is the first parameter in the sp_id cookie when split with the . delimiter. Where can I find documentation about which index the other properties are at? In particular, domain_sessionid.

Hi @Michael_Bailey, there are some details in the javascript tracker docs under How the tracker stores state.

The parameters correspond to:

  • The domain user id
  • How many times the user has visited the domain
  • The timestamp of the user’s first visit
  • The timestamp of the current visit
  • The timestamp of the last visit
  • The ID of the current session

To add to @istreeter answer the order of the parameters in the cookie is slightly different to the docs.

  1. Domain user id
  2. Create (epoch, in seconds) timestamp
  3. Visit count (indexed from 1, domain_sessionidx)
  4. Timestamp (epoch, in seconds) of the current visit
  5. Timestamp (epoch, in seconds) of the last visit
  6. The session id (domain_sessionid)