[JavaScript Tracker]
When network is down, Snowplow is not able to send any kind of events to the collector and it stores whole request params inside “snowplowOutQueue__[alias]snowplow_[alias]_get” in local storage.

  1. when the payload is too large the requests ,do not respond with any success HTTP status,
  • is there any way in snowplow to fix above [1] i.e. to get response on every HTTP request of payload.
  1. or, is there any way to expire this payload after certain time period.

Hi @Jay,
If you’re sending large payloads then using GET is probably not the best choice. I’d suggest swtiching to POST to better handle the large payloads. This has been the default option for a while now.

There is no way to do the specific questions that you ask but if you switch to using POST then they shouldn’t be required.