Snowplow-web 0.11.0 dbt package released

We are very happy to announce the release of the snowplow-web v.0.11.0 dbt package. This release optimises performance in Databricks for the base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest, bringing the behaviour in line with the mobile package. We also add standard actions to aid development and categorize issues better.


  • Add missing start_tstamp_date for base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest on Databricks (Close #132)
  • Add standard actions and templates


To upgrade simply bump the snowplow-web version in your packages.yml file.

For existing Databricks users only:
If you are running the web package on Databricks, you will need to run the following SQL to take advantage of the performance optimizations in this release. Be sure to replace {catalog_name} with your catalog name if your environment is UC enabled, and remove it if not. Also be sure to replace {manifest_schema} with the name of the schema where your manifest is currently found.

CREATE TABLE {catalog_name}.{manifest_schema}.snowplow_web_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest_tmp
    PARTITIONED BY (start_tstamp_date)
    tblproperties ('delta.autoOptimize.optimizeWrite' = 'true' , 'delta.autoOptimize.autoCompact' = 'true'
    ) AS

    SELECT *,
            DATE(start_tstamp) as start_tstamp_date
    FROM {catalog_name}.{manifest_schema}.snowplow_web_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest;

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS {catalog_name}.{manifest_schema}.snowplow_web_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest;

ALTER TABLE {catalog_name}.{manifest_schema}.snowplow_web_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest_tmp RENAME TO {catalog_name}.{manifest_schema}.snowplow_web_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest;