Snowplow tracker with nodejs does't work

var snowplow = require(’@snowplow/node-tracker’);
async function track (category,element) {

var gotEmitter = snowplow.gotEmitter;
var tracker = snowplow.tracker;
const e = gotEmitter(
    host, // Collector endpoint
    'http', // Optionally specify a method - http is the default
    null, // Optionally specify a port 443
    'POST', // Method - defaults to GET
    1 // Only send events once n are buffered. Defaults to 1 for GET requests and 10 for POST requests.

const t = tracker([e], 'SnowplowTracker', 'Gen', false);
var res = t.track(snowplow.buildSelfDescribingEvent({
    event: {
        schema: schema-url,
        data: {
                event_name: "test1",
                category: category,
                member: element,
                codebase: "xyz"
return res;}

output on console ::
console output is ::

“statusCode”: 200,
“body”: {
“e”: “ue”,
“eid”: “7c41b623-52c9-46d9-9a4f-f1615d93b955”,
“p”: “srv”,
“tv”: “node-3.1.6”,
“tna”: “SnowplowTracker”,
“aid”: “LeadGen”,
“dtm”: “1654521339584”,
“ue_pr”: “schema-with-data”,
“stm”: “1654521339585”

but the data never seen in visualization tool, version that i’m using “@snowplow/node-tracker”: “^3.1.6”

Just a guess, but I am wondering if the reason why you don’t see the data in your visualization tool is that it fails validation and so the events end up in the “bad” queue instead of going to the atomic events table. Not sure if you are using Snowplow Mini or something else, but could you check in the bad events in Elasticsearch if anything shows up?

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